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Dennis O. Driver
This book is about fighting prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the second leading type of cancer in American men. Every year over 230,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer and 30,000 die from this disease. Early detection is the key.
A Day Well Lived
Calyna C. Winbush
Birthed through pain and heartache, an excellent book detailing one woman's amazing strength and courage to survive her ex-husband's adulterous relationship. This book was written to help hurting people in painful situations experience life and happiness.
After The Pain
Joseph A. Cannon
Joseph, a young African American, born and raised in Oakland, CA explain how dreams in life can enable you to succeed. Never give up on your dreams; gain knowledge and wisdom, they are the key factors in succeeding.
Don't Give Up On Your Dreams
Dr. Deborah Butler
Dr. Butler has always had a love for children and works with children now. She attended classes at UC Berkeley in Art Therapy. With this knowledge, she began to paint pictures that had a message in them. Thus, this book was the result of one of her pictures.
Elements Of A Broken Heart
Poems by 6th Grade Students
A Book Of Poerty from Miss Yue's 6th Grade Class, "HIDDEN POETS" reveals that children have a little poetry in them also.
  1. Benjamin Young
A very informative answer book that gets right to the heart of its subject. Never wonder again about who and what is false. In a growing world of deceiption, you need to make False Prophets and False Teachers a part of your library today.
Nancy D. Young
Finally, a book that confronts non-biblical church issues. Nancy D. Young exposes the chains that bind people in the church, and offers courage to her readers to declare, "NO MORE CHAINS."
Hidden Poets
No More Chains
False Prophets & False Teachers
Raymond A. Hagley
Understanding The Spirit is a must have for those who want to gain a greater understanding of who and how the Holy Spirit operates in their lives and the body of Christ.
Understanding The Spirit
Without Excuse
  1. Grace Warren
A full size 11"x8.5" 156 page spiralbound on sturdy 67# indext text designed to hold the pictures of your family tree is a delightful book for your children to learn about all their relatives from mother and father to great, great grandfathers, mothers, uncles, aunts, cousins on both sides of the family including adoptions.
Childern's Family Album
Dr. Williams gives good advice to women and their place in the church. Her years of experience helps to bridge the gap between triditional church and contemporary church for women.
A Woman's Place In The church
Jerald Washington
Jerald serves as a Staff Minister at Shielf of Faith Christian Center in Pomona, CA. His book bring clarity to an ambiguous topic relating to sexuality, its proper place, and how it not only affects you spiritually, but your physical health as well when outside of God's covenant.
Church & Sexuality
"Don't Mix Your Stuff With God's Stuff" tells it like it is. Dr. Donnie M. McGriff gives straight talk about your money and God's money.
Don't Mix Your Stuff With God's Stuff
Dr. Barbara Fivecoat
God's Divine Plan
Dorothy Hunter
The Pathway Of Sin is Dorthy Hunter's first book; a quick read esposing the way of sin with instructions on how to avoid it's enternal damination. She also includes some of her poems as an extra added bonus.
Making The Right Change
The Pathway Of Sin
Moments Of Inspirations
Vain Imaginations Can Kill
Power Of Forgiveness
Henry B. Alexander
"Strength for the Journay" is a 31 day devotional book designed for spiritual health and prosperity, and is one of the most practical and impacting pieces of literature in Christdom. It will aid you in deepening your spiritual walk with God.
Strength For The Journey
Compilation of Spiritual Songs
Spiritual and inspirational songs and hyms that have been passed down through the ages. These songs will take you back to the old land mark and inspire holiness and the love of God like no others.
Songs Of Apostolic Power & Praise
Dr. Marjorie Williams
Dr. Donnie M. McGriff
Florida Jackson, D.D.
Without Excuse" is a compelling journey through the pages of Apostle Florida Jackson's life. It captures the essence of her struggle to overcome insecurity and the desire to be loved and accepted. It reveals the depths of the call on God's chosen people.
"My Perfect God" is a book of heart warming poetry for everyone, with subjects like "From a Mother's Point fo View" & "Wonder, Wonder, Wonderful Lord" to "Special Poetry for Special Occasions" that you will definitly enjoy.
Sheila Robinson
Bishop Isaac S. Dennis
In a world where things are changing at such a rapif pace, Bishop Isaac S. Dennisn informs his readers that making changes in their lives to advance in God's kingdom is good, but Making The Right Change is paramont.
Lisa Williams
A book of poems by Lisa Williams; a delightful read that seems to give you inspiration the very moment you start reading.
James Benjamin Young.
Mike Cambra
Vain Imaginations Can Kill by Mike Cambra is a revelation into how the mind work. He reveals the how subjectable our minds are the evil, and instruct how to command your thoughts and life through the Word of God.
My Perfect God