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Dreams Into Realities One Book At A Time
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His Image Publishing (HIP) began in 1989 to offer subsidy book publishing and introduce new and unknown writers to the literary world.

Since the founding of His Image Publishing, we have evolved into a specialized short-run book industry, producing books and related materials for customers all over North America.

HIP offers custom book cover designs and impressive text and layout designs. All the services and products we offer are carried out with integrity and quality control.

The success of HIP as a book manufacturer comes from the success of the people whose books we produce. A large percentage of our business comes from repeat customers and referrals.

HIP has successfully printed hundreds of titles, including poetry, fiction, non-fiction, religious, children, how-to, and motivational/self help books, periodicals and magazines, as well as books and manuals for companies and organizations.

Additionally, our graphic department produces award winning designs for our book covers, magazines, periodicals and newsletters.
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Some interesting new stats about book publishing. Number of books sold is way down. Number of titles published is up. Cover prices are up, and so are revenues (slightly). Cover prices are higher. Religious books are selling like hotcakes. There's a long tail thing visible here: lots more books to much smaller audiences. Used books are easier to get than ever, which makes new books more valuable (just like the market in used cars makes new cars more valuable). New media like DVDs and games are eating into readers' leisure time-budgets. But over all, more people turn to religious books in stressful times for comfort, security and peace of mind.